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Gavin and Stacey Christmas special leaves fans raging over 'disappointing' ending: 'What?'

WARNING: This article contains huge spoilers about the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special

Gavin and Stacey fans gathered around their television sets to watch the hit BBC comedy make its return for a Christmas special last night, with so many questions on their tongues about what had been happening to the characters since the third season wrapped at the beginning of 2010. Smithy (played by James Corden) and Nessa Jenkins (Ruth Jones) were two iconic stars who made their comeback and by the end of the festive instalment, old feelings were resurfacing. The episode ended on a cliffhanger and while some viewers were wondering if season four would be on the cards, others were left enraged.

Longtime fans of the show know Smithy and Nessa had a complicated relationship, ever since they met when they both accompanied their respective friends, Gavin Shipman (Matthew Horne) and Stacey West (Joanna Paige) to their first date.

Over the course of the comedy’s original three season run, the pair slept together many times and even had a child together, Neil (Oscar Kennedy) who was all grown up for the festive outing.

Before the series went off air, there were hints a romance was on the cards for the iconic couple but a twist from last night’s instalment saw James Corden’s, 4, character turn up with a new girlfriend Sonia (Laura Aikman).

However, still harbouring feelings for her on/off lover, Nessa made a very bold move by proposing to him just before the credits rolled which left viewers fuming over the cliffhanger.


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Viewers quickly took to social media to comment on the ending to the one-off event, wondering if they would ever get any answers.

One fan posted on Twitter: “Loved #GavinandStacey last night but I was disappointed with the ending. It didn’t tie up the loose ends. What happened on the fishing trip? Is Nessa pregnant again with Smithy’s baby??? I need another episode now!”

Another added: “Well, I can’t concentrate for thinking about what will happen with Smithy and Ness #GavinandStacey.”

Whilst a third commented: “Noooo you can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that!!!! #GavinandStacey.”

No way can you leave Gavin and Stacey like that

Gavin and Stacey viewer

A fourth wrote: “No way can you leave Gavin and Stacey like that, WHAT ???!!! #GavinandStacey.”

Despite the uncertainty of Smithy and Nessa’s future together, other viewers were elated with the Christmas outing.

“#JamesCorden and #RuthJones it was worth the wait.#GavinandStacey was fantastic. We want more!! Well done guys xx,” a fifth shared.

With so many lose ends still unanswered, there seemed to be hints a fourth season could be on the horizon sometime in the future.

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Nessa actress Ruth Jones, 53, has teased more episodes could be on the cards, but nothing is coming at least for now.

Speaking with The Sun, the Gavin and Stacey star said: “It is so complicated for me and James to get together to write.

“I do say never say never, as while we did make it work that was after three years of trying to find time when we could sit down and write it.

“Obviously with the way it ends, there is room for more.”


  • Gavin and Stacey Xmas special 2019: What happened on the fishing trip?

For last night’s one-off special, their was another reunion viewers might not have realised happened as they enjoyed the episode.

Writers James and Ruth came together to watch their masterpiece and shared the news on Twitter, with the Late Late Show host posting a picture of the pair together on the social media site.

He wrote: “We had to be together to watch it go out tonight!Gavin and Stacey is a show about friendship and family.

“Tonight’s show has been a labour of love from start to finish and we hope you enjoy it.Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Happy Christmas from us both #GavinandStacey.”

Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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The weirdest and most bizarre crime stories of 2019

Man attempts to steal woman’s wheelchair

Raw video: Phoenix Police Department shares footage of a man attempting to steal a woman’s wheelchair while riding the light rail.

Crimes, unfortunately, happen every day across America, but there are some you read about that leave you scratching your head. Ranging from dancing with lions to police pursuits involving toy trucks, here are seven of the weirdest and most bizarre crime stories of the year.

Man in reindeer slippers attempts to steal woman’s wheelchair

A man in Arizona wearing reindeer slippers managed to ‘dash’ away from this scene – but law enforcement caught up to him anyway.

Austin Shurbutt, 26, was arrested in December after being seen on a surveillance video trying to take a woman’s wheelchair out from underneath her while onboard a train in Phoenix, police say.

Authorities credited “hero passengers” on the light rail for coming to the woman’s rescue and Shurbutt was nabbed after thousands shared his picture online.

"Despite his reindeer slippers, this criminal was NOT spreading holiday cheer," the Phoenix Police Department said, while also noting that Shurbutt “was still wearing the reindeer slippers when he was arrested.”

Bank robber hands teller a note with his name, address on it

Some bank robbers wear wigs. Others put on masks. This one, investigators say, apparently made little effort to conceal his identity.

Michael Harrell, 54, was arrested in August after ordering a teller to hand over cash from a U.S. Bank location in Cleveland — using a note that had his full name and address on it, the FBI says. It reportedly was written on the back of a document from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Michael Harrell, 54, robbed a U.S. Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, in July after handing a teller a note with his name on it, the FBI says. (Cleveland Division of the FBI via WJW)

The teller referred to Harrell by his name and gave him an unknown amount of money before calling 911, according to investigators. He was taken into custody a few days later.

Unsurprisingly, an FBI agent at the time said “when you present a note that has your name already on it, and address, it helps law enforcement tremendously.”

Man caught driving stolen SUV on way to bail out brother also arrested for stealing SUV

Police working this case must have felt some serious déjà vu.

A man in Kansas was arrested in November for driving a stolen SUV to bail out his brother, who had been jailed only hours earlier for stealing a separate SUV, authorities said.

The first sibling caught was 36-year-old Eric Dean McCracken. He was arrested for driving a Chevy Trailblazer with a suspended license, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said. Police then revealed they learned the SUV had been reported stolen.

The McCracken brothers were reunited at the Jackson County Jail.
(Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

Hours later, his younger brother, 32-year-old Keith Ray McCracken, was arrested after leading deputies on a short chase in a stolen 2015 Chevy Silverado that authorities were tracking through its GPS, the sheriff’s office said.

“It is believed that the younger McCracken was en route to the Jackson County Jail to post bail on his older brother in a stolen vehicle,” it added. They since were reunited in the jail.

Woman hops into zoo enclosure, dances in front of confused lion

The lion had no idea what to think.

A New York woman went viral in September after being caught on video dancing in front of a big cat at the Bronx Zoo.

Raw video: Woman appears to taunt lion after climbing into Bronx Zoo enclosure

The woman does a short dance as the lion looks on confused.

Footage taken after 32-year-old Myah Autrey breached the African Lion's enclosure shows her standing just a few feet away from the ferocious feline, who simply stares back, apparently baffled by the woman's presence.

Per the New York Post, the woman later posted videos and photos of the close encounter on Instagram — even going so far as to taunt the NYPD, who'd sought her on two counts of criminal trespass after she broke into the lion's den and a giraffe enclosure. She eventually was tracked down and arrested in November.

Man allegedly steals from store, then comes back to ask for a job application 

There are plenty of ways to try to make your job resume stand out from the pile – but this isn’t one of them.

A man who applied for a position at a sporting goods store in Wyoming in April allegedly stole from the business twice on the same day, investigators say.

The unidentified 36-year-old man first bought some items with a rewards card, but did not pay for a pair of sunglasses and ammunition while he was there, the Gillette News Record reported.

He then returned about three hours later — this time, to ask for a job application. The man allegedly left the store after that encounter with two more pairs of sunglasses, according to the newspaper.

The suspect — whose job application status wasn’t clear — was cited for the alleged thefts. Police said they recovered the items.

Woman driving a toy truck leads police on slow speed pursuit

The quickest way to launch a pro wrestling career is to… grab a child’s motorized toy truck and get pulled over by police?

South Carolina police in June charged a woman in Walhalla with public intoxication after she allegedly was found cruising down the road in a silver Power Wheels truck not far from her home, reports said.

Police said 25-year-old Megan Holman avoided a DUI charge because her mode of transport was a toy, not a vehicle, according to BuzzFeed News.

When investigators asked Holman to explain the situation, she said she was riding the toy truck as part of a scavenger hunt and that “she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it”, The State newspaper reported.

Women swipe stroller from store, but leave one of their children behind

If you’re going to make a run for it, don’t leave anyone behind.

Three women apparently didn’t get that concept in August when they were caught on camera allegedly stealing a baby stroller from a New Jersey store – only to be busted after one of them forgot their child inside the shop.

Two of the women had distracted an employee at the Middletown store while the third woman went to the front to grab a stroller, police said. The women left the store, but one of them left behind some precious cargo — her own child.

Investigators later arrested at least two of the women and the stolen stroller was returned.


Fox News’ Nicole Darrah, Travis Fedschun, Stephen Sorace, Robert Gearty and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William's Marriage Has Not Recovered From Affair Allegations, According to Fans

When the late Princess Diana found out Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, she was devastated. The affair was made public, and people took Princess Diana’s side.

The two went through a messy divorce. Prince Charles stayed with Parker Bowles, and they are together to this day.

The whole situation made Prince Charles incredibly unpopular. He hurt his family with his thoughtless behavior. His young sons were obviously affected. That’s why fans were shocked when rumors spread earlier this year that Prince William had an affair. 

No one wanted to see history repeat itself in the royal family. Kate Middleton, like her late mother in law, is a public darling. People love her sweet energy, and seeing her hurt would be upsetting. It would definitely make Prince William as unpopular as his father.

Was there an affair? 

The evidence of an affair is scant, to say the least. The British tabloids are notoriously vicious. The British media has been accused of spreading rumors based on lies before. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are even suing one publication. 

Earlier in 2019, Duchess Kate had a falling out with one of her friends: Rose Hanbury. Nobody knows exactly sure why the two parted ways, but the press started saying it was because of an affair between Hanbury and Prince William. 

Hanbury, a model, is married to a Marquess. That means she’s a member of the royal circle and is sometimes required to attend royal events.

In June, Hanbury showed up at one such event without her wedding ring. Insiders close to Hanbury said that her marriage was in a difficult place. That only fueled the speculation about an affair. 

Fans think this one thing means they are NOT okay 

A clip from a recent royal Christmas special has gone viral. Fans think Duchess Kate’s actions are proof that she and Prince William are on the rocks. Or, at the very least, their marriage isn’t fully healed from the allegations.

In A Berry Royal Christmas, Prince William and Duchess Kate are sitting in front of a fireplace. In a romantic gesture, Prince William reaches out his hand and puts it on Duchess Kate’s shoulder. She immediately gives a little shoulder roll and essentially forces Prince William to take his hand away. 

It could be that the shoulder shrug was involuntary, but it seems like royal insiders are admitting the cold move was purposeful. 

Insiders say there’s nothing to see here

🎄📷 A few of our favourite moments from the #ABerryRoyalChristmas party, which is now available to watch on @bbciplayer. The party was held by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Mary Berry to thank and acknowledge staff and volunteers from charities and organisations who will be working tirelessly over the Christmas period, including: @passagecharity @nursingnow Evelina London Children's Hospital @ldnairamb @actiononaddiction Mountain Rescue services Mother and Baby Units Midwives Fire services Military services Ambulance Services Police Services @centrepointuk @royalmarsden @giveusashoutinsta @childbereavementuk Photos 📷 by @mattporteous

A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

The shrug could have been explained away as accidental, but that’s not the path that royal spokespeople have taken. Instead, they’re saying the duchess did it on purpose, but it wasn’t because she’s still bitter over the affair rumors. 

According to the party line, Duchess Kate is just very against PDA. Since she is the future queen consort, she doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to express affection in public, even if the person she’s expressing it with is the future king, even if he initiates the PDA. 

The spokespeople threw some shade at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for good measure, saying: “The couple, unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, do make a point to keep the PDA to a minimum in public events because they are the future king and queen.”

Yes, the affair evidence presented to the public was minimal. But now it seems like there might be more going on behind closed doors. It makes total sense that Kate thinks PDA is un-queenly, but if the future king himself is initiating, shouldn’t that be an exception? Wasn’t the shoulder roll even worse than PDA? Plus, a hand on her shoulder across the fireplace barely qualifies as ‘affection.’ 

The truth could be even simpler: Some fans feel Prince William may have inadvertently ticked Duchess Kate, resulting in her squirm. Should that be the case, then her visceral response to his PDA is no reflection on the status of their marriage.

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Justin Bieber releases new song Yummy as he goes against ex Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber has announced a new album and US tour in 2020, as he revealed his new single Yummy is out on January 3.

He will also be releasing a docuseries next year, giving fans a peek at what goes on behind the scenes on stage and in his private life.

In the clip he released on Instagram, he said: "As humans we are imperfect.

"My past, my mistakes, all the things that I’ve been through, I believe that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and God has me right where he wants me.

"I feel like this is different than the previous albums just because of where I’m at in my life."

  • I'm A Celeb Roman Kemp spills on epic house party at Justin Bieber's pad

  • KSI dubs Justin Bieber ‘delusional as f***’ for ring message in Logan Paul win

This will be his first solo music since Purpose in 2015.

Justin isn't the only artist releasing music in January, as his ex Selena Gomez has announced the title of her forthcoming 2020 album Rare.

It is set to be released on Jan 10, and similarly be Selena's first full-length album since 2015’s chart-topping Revival.

  • Logan Paul fan Justin Bieber rinsed by KSI fans after losing YouTube bout

Rare's lead single, "Lose You to Love Me," became Gomez’s first No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, and appeared to reference her relationship and break-up with Justin.

The lyrics cryptically read: "You promised the world and I fell for it / I put you first and you adored it."

Bieber will kick off his North American tour on May 14th at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington. The trek wraps September 26th at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Since dropping Purpose, Justin Bieber has released singles with BloodPop®, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, and Dan + Shay.

Justin first referenced a new album during his stage appearance with Ariana Grande at Coachella.

In October, he hinted again at a project titled R&Bieber in an Instagram post, suggesting it would be out before the end of 2019.

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Take a Bow Like Katy Perry & Madelaine Petsch

We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. 

Justin Martindale and Morgan Stewartare joined by The Code of Style’s fashion editor Réine Godard on What the Fashion! to discuss the latest, hot, new trend: bows! Equal parts pretty and equal parts romantic, the bow trend has been making its way to runways and the red carpet as of late (watch the above video!)

A-listers have stepped out, strutted their stuff and wrapped themselves up in beautiful bows this season. “I love this dress and this entire look,” Stewart raved on Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch’s colorful Moschino frock.” I think it’s fashionable. I think it looks like an art piece. I’m very into the bow on the front. I think it works!”

And we approve too! To celebrate, we’ve handpicked dainty blouses, beaded loafers, satin jumpsuits, velvet clutches and show stopping midi dresses all tied up in extravagant bows—from fan favorite brands H&M, Anthropologie, Revolve, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and more—so you can knot a bow around your neck or pin one in your hair and hit the town in style.

Here are 18 of our favorites below. 


How to Rock Lili Reinhart and Joey King’s Bold Colorblock Style

Make a statement with this halter-cut polka dot mini frock with a decorated gigantic bow along the collar.

This wow-factor jumpsuit is perfect for dressing up or down featuring a rust hammered satin material with balloon sleeves and a wide-leg fit.

With a subtle block heel and an ever-so-pointed toe, this festive pair carries any ensemble from day to night. Also available in black.

This dreamy and creamy lippy will pop any look and what’s not to love about a bow lipstick case.

Take a walk on the wild side with this pussy bow blouse in zebra print.

Channel your inner romantic with this satin pink shift dress with elegant pussy bow.

Fun meets flirty in this daring black blouse with chiffon and bows all over!

All of your phone calls just got an upgrade thanks to this pretty-in-pink smartphone case with black bow detail.

Step up your glam for party season with this soft clutch of shimmering velvet wrapped with a lavish bow covered with sparkly seed beading. Also available in coral. 

Try out a new hairstyle with this 8 piece chain and bow bobby pin set that’s sure to top off any look this season!

Channel your inner disco babe with this ’70s inspired metallic halter top with a futuristic bow detail on the collar.

Make your hair the focal point with this hunter green hair bow that’ll complete your street style swag.

Gift yourself a charming OOTD in this shiny organza shirt with an extravagant bow collar.

A slingback with comfort technology exudes classic feminine glamour with a pointy toe, kitten heel and pert bow with gleaming logo hardware.

Get a bit mischievous with your signal-sending in this pettably plush velvet maxi patterned in protectively fierce tigress stripes.

This pointy-toe pump makes the look with its glistening pavé block heel and elaborate jewel-encrusted bow.

A knit plaid dress with a spread collar and bow detail? Yes please.

Bow detailed straps and pleat details elevate this fit and flare dress.

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Looking to by an Oculus Quest? You'll have better luck in February

If you’re looking for an Oculus Quest this holiday season, good luck finding one. 

Unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, that is.  

The popular VR headset from Oculus normally sells for $399 (64 gigabyte version) or $499 (124 GB version) at retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart. But many brick and mortar stores are running out of the headset, and the secondary market is taking notice, with Quest prices up around the $700 mark on Amazon and eBay. 

For some shoppers, buying a Quest has been a great undertaking.

Carrisa Nazario’s 12 year old son told her two weeks into December that he wanted a Quest for Christmas.

Unable to find one in a local store after two days of “work,” Nazario, of Joshua Tree, Calif., said she joined two Oculus Facebook groups and downloaded an inventory monitoring app called The Tracker to help stay on top of newly available Quests. 

Oculus Quest headset from Facebook is first virtual reality device to be wireless. Cost: $399 (Photo: Jefferson Graham)

Nazario was able to order a Quest from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, but they were not set to arrive until mid-January. She canceled the Best Buy and Wal-Mart order when she got a notification that the Quest shipping from Amazon would arrive by Christmas. 

Since finding a Quest on Amazon for its original list price, Nazario said she has kept in contact with members of the Oculus Quest Community Facebook group, offering advice on how to get one. Her top tip: stay alert, and pay attention to notifications The Tracker app, even at 2:00 a.m. 

“Other members are asking me, ‘how’d you get it for only $400 on Amazon?'” Nazario said. “I guess I just got got lucky when the world was sleeping.”

Oculus Quest review: Cable free $399 VR headset is a winner that ditches PC and phone

Oculus Quest games: Download these five video games for the new virtual reality headset

Oculus released its Quest headset back in May, quickly selling out at major retailers, and demand has been high ever since. Current orders for new Quests are on backorder until February 10. 

Unlike its predecessor, the Rift, the Oculus Quest has seen higher demand because it is more user accessible, according to Michael Pachter, a media and electronic analyst at Wedbush Securities.

“The Rift never was particularly popular because the system specs were so high, the price was high, there was limited software available, and the system was tethered with a long cord,” Pachter said. “The Quest is untethered, is reasonably priced, and there is a lot more software, so a higher level of interest is warranted and was frankly expected.”

Nazario said she almost regrets cancelling the other orders for Quests, because she might want one for herself. For now, she said the one coming for Christmas will offer a good way to spend time with her family.

“I think we’re going to have fun with it,” Nazario said.

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Mom gives birth on Christmas Eve... two years in a row

Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 23

Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 22 are here. Check out what’s clicking on

A mom got the best present ever when she gave birth on Christmas Eve two years in a row.

Sinai Rodrigues, 22, found herself in the birthing suite for December 24 twice – despite both her due dates being well before the festive holiday.

Sinai Rodrigues, 22, found herself in the birthing suite for December 24 twice – despite both her due dates being well before the festive holiday.

The young mom welcomed the two best Christmas presents she could ever ask for – baby girl Valentina in 2017, and little boy Santi in 2018.

Sinai is happy not to be pregnant this year and is looking forward to enjoying the holidays at home with her kids for the first time.

Sinai from Broxboure, Hertfordshire, said: "For my first pregnancy, people kept teasing me that I was going to give birth at Christmas but I just laughed – I never expected it to happen!

"I was looking forward to celebrating Valentina's first birthday and Christmas at home the next year but then found out I was pregnant again. I knew my due date was December but never imagined I'd give birth on Christmas Eve yet again – what are the chances of that?! They are my best Christmas presents ever and I'm so grateful for them but also very happy not to be spending Christmas in hospital this year!"

Shop assistant Sinai and her husband Will Avalos, 31, were overjoyed when she fell pregnant in March 2017.

Sinai Rodrigues had expected to give birth to her first child on her due date of 21st December 2017, but daughter Valentina waited to make her debut appearance on Christmas Eve. Her due date with baby number two was the 15th of December but the day came and went and Sinai couldn’t believe it when she went into labor whilst wrapping presents.

She had expected to give birth to her first child on her due date of 21st December 2017, but daughter Valentina waited to make her debut appearance on Christmas Eve.

After spending Christmas in the hospital, Sinai was looking forward to enjoying the festivities at home the following year when she fell pregnant again in March 2018.

Her due date with baby number two was the 15th of December but the day came and went and Sinai couldn't believe it when she went into labor whilst wrapping presents.

Baby Valentina holding a scan of Santi in the womb.


Sinai said: "We weren't actively trying for a baby. We knew we wanted another one not long after Valentina was born but I didn't expect to fall pregnant again that quickly. My due date was early December, but we passed that and everybody started making jokes that it was going to be Christmas Eve again. I couldn't plan anything – family and friends were asking me about what I was doing for Christmas and I just had to say I don't know because I could go into labor at any point!"

She continued, "I was sat on the floor at home wrapping Valentina's birthday presents and our last Christmas presents on the 23rd of December when the contractions started. I was in denial, I thought there's no way this is happening again, and I took myself to bed but eventually had to accept I'd be giving birth on Christmas Eve for the second year in a row! It was sad missing Valentina's birthday. I only got to see her for five minutes when Will brought her to the hospital, but she did get to meet her baby brother Santi on her birthday which was lovely."


Spending her first Christmas with her kids at home, Sinai has been enjoying the festivities without being pregnant this year.

The young mum has taken her children to meet Santa and is looking forward to being with family for Christmas Day.

With both Valentina and Santi's birthdays on Christmas Eve, Sinai has already thrown an exciting birthday party for the pair before Santa comes.


Sinai said: "We had a little birthday party for Valentina and Santi on the Saturday before Christmas which was so nice. We had a Paw Patrol party and we put up some soft play and a bouncy castle in a hall we rented with some friends and family. We'll go for lunch on their actual birthday on Christmas Eve, and then we'll celebrate Christmas after that. I'm very excited to be with the family and actually enjoy Christmas this year without worrying about my waters breaking! You don't really ask for presents when you've grown up but I've got my children and I couldn't ask for a better gift than that."

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