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Weight loss: Mum, 27, looks unrecognisable after ‘horrific’ photo from last Christmas motivated her to lose 6st – The Sun

A FIRST time mum looks unrecognisable after a "horrific" picture of her from last Christmas motivated her to lose six stone.

Kate Gibbons, from Ludlow, Shropshire, had refused to have her photo taken after ballooning to 15st 10lbs following the birth of her first child.

But the 27-year-old was horrified when she saw a snap of herself with her son Louie on his first Christmas last year.

She had suffered pre and post-natal depression (PND) which led to excessive snacking on biscuits and chocolate.

But the trading executive says that seeing that picture became her turning point.

In just a year, Kate has slimmed down to a healthy 9st 8lbs and fits comfortably into a size 8.

Comfort eating

She said: “Whilst pregnant I piled on four stone, but I didn’t lose the baby fat as I was suffering with PND and would comfort eat.

“It is hard for me to explain how I felt, but it was the worst time ever – you are meant to instantly love you baby and want to show him off.

I scoffed anything sweet and microwaves meals as I couldn’t find the time to cook with a newborn

“I loved him, but I didn’t have the rush of emotions that I was supposed to, and I wanted to stay indoors with the curtains closed.

“I scoffed anything sweet and microwaves meals as I couldn’t find the time to cook with a newborn."

Kate says she didn't realise she had put on so much weight until her partner John Hoggs, 29, begged her to have at least one photo with Louie last Christmas.

“I burst into tears when I saw myself on the photo, I couldn’t believe it was me," she said.

“After sobbing, I went on to eat 3,000 calories to make myself feel better which was my dinner, selection boxes, biscuits and anything else I could put in my mouth.”


After the Christmas festivities, Kate signed with her local consultant Heather Walker at The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and hasn’t looked back since.

She's now confident in her size 8 figure and looks forward to capturing every moment this Christmas on camera.

The photo made me determined and I wouldn’t allow any sweet treats to touch my lips

Kate added: “I have tried diets before but there was always room to cheat, I needed something stricter.

“Cambridge Weight Plan has helped me change my lifestyle for the better, I have naturally dropped to 9st 8lb as I am eating healthier meals that I enjoy.

"The one to one personalised support I received was amazing.

“The photo made me determined and I wouldn’t allow any sweet treats to touch my lips.

“A lot of people have complimented me and mentioned how ‘big’ I was before, but it still upsets me as I wasn’t in a good place last year.

Kate's diet before and after


Breakfast – two slices of white bread with butter and jam with a cup of tea

Mid morning snack – Tea and half a pack of biscuits

Lunch – Sandwich or bowl of soup with two slices of cheese on toast

Dinner – microwave curry or microwave lasagne meal

Snacks – family size chocolate bar or pack of biscuits


Breakast – two Weetabix with half a banana and skimmed milk

Lunch – tuna salad and piece of fruit

Dinner – chicken stir fry or home made soup with crackers

Snacks – yogurt or fruit

“I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin; I love fashion and it upset me that I could only fit into leggings and a baggy t-shirt.

“Now I am more confident than ever and no longer feel like everyone is looking at me because of my weight.

“I can’t wait Louie’s second Christmas and I will certainly not be hiding from the camera.”

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